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Friday, 19 August, 2016

Damn, I'm getting lazy with this blog! I apologize for the lack of entries but things have been so hectic over here, which I'm sure if you follow me on Facebook you will have seen. Since I last wrote on here SO much has happened. Where to begin....

3 Song & Out

I have started working with the webzine 3 Songs & Out. This is actually the brain child of Sean Friswell of Friswell Photography (the guy who I bumped into at the Mushroomhead show who's work I had loved for years. Pretty cool, huh?) Working with 3S&O I get to cover a broader range of shows with no boundaries on genres at all which has resulted in some incredible shows, shows such as Ash and goth/punk legends The Damned. To check out the reviews and photographs click here for Ash, and click here for The Damned

Untitled photo

Soundsphere Magazine

I have also been continuing my work with Dom and the team at Soundsphere Magazine, and actually getting even more involved. I am now an official editor on their Facebook page and I am getting access to some incredible gigs. Having recently photographed Ginger Wildheart Band, Filter, Combichrist and KASABIAN! I have now been given the news that I am confirmed as an official photographer for Soundsphere at the one and only Leeds Festival (yes, I know there is Reading too but YORKSHIRE!).

This is a dream come true and really does make me feel like the hours and hours of hard work and miles of midnight driving have paid off and I am one step closer to making this career a reality! I really can't thank Dom and the team enough for that opportunity. Expect a long blog on that when I get back.

Also, with SSMag this month I will be heading back to one of my favourite places, Sheffield's Corporation to photograph Arch Enemy and Soilwork! With even more gigs booked already with SS (John 5, Kvelertak, Dave Mcpherson), I am really looking forward to a bright future.

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Friday, 29th April, 2016

The weather might not have realized yet, but it's spring!!! Which can mean only one thing, Equine events!

And this weekend is a very busy one; three horse shows in three days!

On Saturday I will be at an event held by Future Sport Horses. I will be photographing their Stallion Parade and Open day, showcasing some of the most promising Stallions, foals and youngstock in the country. Having seen the amount of preparation going in to this event I can tell it's going to be an amazing day. Also, to top off the day there is going to be a Hog Roast, Live Bands, rodeo Bull and Charity Bar! Make sure you get down to this one! For more information, check out the Facebook event page here.

On Sunday I will be at Driffield Showground photographing the Ridden Showing! Having worked with the Julie and her team quite a few times before, I know its going to be a excellent show! 45 Classes & 14 Champions - Overall Ridden Supreme - £50 Prize Money - Its going to be a busy one!

For more information on this show please contact Julie Littlewood on 07707725792. 

On Monday I will be somewhere I've never worked before, Cottingham Equestrian Centre photograping their May Bank Holiday Show. I've heard very good things about the shows here and I'm sure this is going to be one not to miss! I can't wait!

On Tuesday I'll mostly be sleeping... 

Hopefully I'll see you all at these shows over the next few days, all the photographs will be going on the this website where they can be purchased!!!

Monday, 28th March, 2016


I thought I would start a blog. I've been meaning to set one up since I started up this website but never got round to it due to my excellence in procrastination! I thought it might be a good place to just let you guys know about the events I've got coming up, news, ideas, thoughts, shoots and general ramblings.

I'll start with my most recent shoot; Mushroomhead. 

This is a band that I have followed since my early teens, i first heard them in 2001 with 'Solitaire Unravelling' of their album 'XX' and I loved them. Their image, style, sound. It was different. Their unique blend of electro-goth, industrial and nu-metal worked brilliantly and I was hooked, but, unfortunatley I never had the chance to catch them live.

One of the things Mushroomhead are known for is their live shows. High-energy, chaotically choreographed, mesmerizing and...wet! Their use of water drums in their shows has become infamous and looks incredible. Two sets of drums, pumped with water and lit up. Two percussionists stood at each side, rhythmically beating these huge drums, spraying illuminated water all over the audience. I advise you to check out any of the live videos on Youtube just to see this.

Anyway, when I first started my career in photography, there was always one shot I was determined to get, but honestly, never thought I would have the chance; 'Shroomhead's Water Drums! So, as soon as I heard Mushroomhead were finally doing a UK tour, I was determined to get a photo pass. Orignally playing with American Head Charge (another band I loved), I managed to get a pass through their UK agent. I was set. Well, not quite. Due to unforeseen circumstances, AHC had to pull out of the tour and that left me back at square one. It took a lot of doing trying to track down Mushroomhead's PR company. Countless emails across the pond and to different record companies and different management but with the help from Dom at Soundsphere Magazine, I got my pass and last Saturday, at Corporation, Sheffield, I got my shot!

Untitled photo

On the night I was so nervous. I'm not normally nervous before live gigs but I knew that this was my one chance to get my shot. When I arrived at the venue, I was told three things; you get three songs, no flash and you will get wet. I figured I would get wet but I had no idea just how wet it would be. The first beat on that water drum and I was soaked, as was my camera and lens, but that wasn't going to stop me. To make matters worse, to my side taking photographs was Friswell Photography, a guys whos work I had loved and followed on Facebook for a long time! No need to panic, eh? But I managed to keep my cool and carry on.

When the shots went up online on to my social media accounts they were picked up by Mushroomhead themselves, who went on to share them on their Facebook page!

Overall they shared five of my shots and the finished article from Soundsphere, gathering over 9000 'likes' and a ridiculous amount of shares, shattering my old record for 'likes' on a photograph, which to be honest, would only just scraped into double figures!

The amount of exposure that those shares brought me was incredible and completely unexpected! I am still in shock!

So, I guess I just want to say thank you. To everyone who helped make that happen. You know who you are.

Onward now to the next the shoot...

To see the rest of the images taken on the night click HERE.

To see the finished article on Soundsphere Magazine click HERE.